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The 3d Printed AUG Bullpup

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An iconic rifle caliber GunCAD build

Resurrecting the futuristic design of a demilled AUG parts kit through modern 3D printing and light fabrication efforts, you too can build a reliable semi automatic bullpup of your very own. With printed replacement parts that enhance both function and form, the Nylaug is a solid performer at the range.

Over a year of engineering effort and extensive field testing by the Nylaug Beta Team has proven that rifle caliber bullpups are now a 3D arms reality. Fellow Nylaug owners and GunCAD enthusiasts are welcome to join the online community on Element.

The advent of high temperature filaments like carbon fiber filled nylon and CAD design with consideration to mitigate thermal risks have made it possible for printed components to reside in close proximity to the chamber and BCG. Included in the release pack are all of the 3d printed components required, tooling, build guide and more.

No expensive barrel required, instead an AR-15 barrel may be modified with included instructions to securely lock up (metal on metal), or a drop in ready barrel can be purchased from several online vendors.

AUG Parts Kit

The journey begins with a standard AUG parts kit (less receiver and barrel). Nylaug was developed to retain as many authentic components as possible to maintain the incredible aesthetics of this iconic firearm.

Choice of Malaysian or Austrian parts kits exist from several online vendors including Max Arms (use promo code NYLAUGLAUNCH for 10% OFF), with only minor cosmetic and condition variances. Once cleaned up, modifications are made to prohibit use of the original style receiver and trigger pack.

The stock is optionally painted, dyed or cerakoted in preparation for assembly.

3D Printing a Nylaug

Using modern polymers such as carbon fiber filled nylon, semi automatic replacement components are 3D printed on consumer grade machines. The build guide offers details on filament choice, print orientation and all of the STL models needed to complete your Nylaug,

The advent of advanced polymers combined with engineering with thermal limits in mind has allowed Nylaug components to withstand the heat that comes with rifle caliber GunCAD otherwise impossible just a few years ago.

The Nylaug file set includes not only a comprehensive build guide but also the core semi automatic models required to complete the build in addition to several printed tools you will use along the way.

Also available are printable upgraded accessories including a shell deflector, many hand guard choices and an AR15 FCG based trigger pack.

Light Fabrication

Light fabrication skills are required to modify the existing stock and install denial hardware. Assembly of a replacement AR15 FCG based trigger pack, or modification of the original trigger pack is also required. Basic hand tools and printed jigs are utilized to make assembly as painless as possible.

The Nylaug design uses a modified AR-15 barrel as the barrel extension operates with the OEM Bolt quite well, and provides a substantial cost savings compared to the original design. Detailed instructions are provided for this conversion, or you may purchase a completed barrel from online vendors. KAK Industry offers a range of pre-made components to save time on your build (use promo code NYLAUGdotcom for 1o% off).

The original gas block assembly is retained, with slight modifications made to allow secure attachment to the new, printed semi auto receiver.