Polymer & Metal Hybrid

The 3D

Printed AUG

The Nylaug (Nylon AUG) is a groundbreaking hybrid material firearm — the result of passion for advancing 3D printed firearms and iterative design revisions. Combining a surplus parts kit, innovative 3D printed design, and light metal fabrication results in an improved semi-automatic bullpup rifle that costs less and delivers more than the original weapon.

Designed to be printed with  ease (minimal supports), an emphasis on cutting edge 3d printing technologies(heat resistant nylon filament), and some spacey lines sure to turn heads at the range.

The Nylaug reliably fires the original 5.56 rifle cartridge, and includes a bevy of exciting printed accessories including extended mag release, shell deflector, hand guards, even a robust 3D printed magazine. Join us as we push the envelope of GunCAD with the Nylaug program.

Nylaug 3d printed AUG Black and White
Nester Nylaug build
Nylaug 3d printed AUG

hybrid gunsmithing

Additive Polymer + Metal Fabrication = GunCAD Future

The best of both worlds collide in the Nylaug project, leveraging the benefits of each to create a durable rifle caliber firearm. By merging the two build methods we realize a synergistic result of beauty and strength. Engineered with physical and thermal stresses in mind, modern materials with exceptional properties are used in the Nylaug design.

FDM 3D printing lends itself to rapid, precise components created using modern filaments like carbon fiber filled nylon that have superior strength and heat tolerance. Able to print intricate yet durable designs including the semi-automatic receiver, improved trigger pack and futuristic hand guards.

Basic metal fabrication techniques allow for integration of original AUG components with all the strength traditional metal only builds have.